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UNICON is the UENO’s original brand of unique and advanced vision inspection system.
Integrated UNICON vision system on an UENO machine provides 100% automatic vision inspection with high productivity.

Feature 1. Micro crack and chipping detection

UENO original software and optics can detect various kinds of micro cracks and chipping.

Feature 2. 6-side vision

The combination of the UNICON system and optical options can detect clearly micro cracks and chipping on every and all the 6 sides.

Feature 3. IR (Infrared) vision

Inner micro cracks can be detected by infrared ray

Side vision (inner crack)

Top vision (inner crack)

Feature 4. User friendly interface and Recipe management

1. Real-time viewer

Vision judgement can be updated in the real-time viewer when recipes and parameters have been changed.

2. Recipe change history

Any change of recipes and parameters remains in the history record, and all changes can be recover to the original condition.

3. Offline analysis

New recipe and parameters can be emulated on an offline PC, it greatly helps recipe change without try and error on a production machine.

4. Self-recipe diagnosis

New recipe can be automatically checked, and all steps of a recipe can be viewed in a sequential tree for easy understanding.

5. Statistical charts

Measurement data can be graphically displayed with upper and lower limits.

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